Other roles we should fill

Besides the role of editors, here are some other roles I think we  
should fill, along the lines of Dan's comments about auxiliary tasks:

Secretary / Feedback Tracker (one or more)

- responsible for recording all issues and feedback about the spec,  
and ensuring that anyone can review the current status of issues
- can and indeed should set up and use software tools akin to the W3C  
issue tracker
- should actively monitor public-html and www-html to make sure  
feedback is recorder
- should make sure that commentors on the spec receive acknowledgment  
when their issue is recorded
- should make sure that commentors on the spec receive notificacation  
when their issue is dealt with in the spec
- should stay in active contact with editors and monitor commit logs  
for spec to make sure they are on top of things
- will help the group prepare dispositions of comments when necessary  
for W3C document status transitions

Test Suite Editor (one or more)

- responsible for collecting and organizing test cases into one or  
more test suites (at the very least I think we want test suites for  
browser-type implementations and for conformance checkers)
- will design overall structure and methodology of the test suite
- should ensure that proposed test cases are reviewed for technical  
- should report regularly on status of test coverage
- should encourage volunteers to submit more test cases for needed areas

It sounds like Dough Schepers might be interested in feedback  
tracking. Any other nominees or volunteers for these roles?


Received on Sunday, 22 April 2007 23:13:15 UTC