Re: The argument for |bugmode|

On Sat, 21 Apr 2007 21:20:33 +0100, Matthew Raymond  
<> wrote:

>> For alternate equivalent syntaxes, a one byte difference may
>> possibly be a valid consideration, but in the general case
>> bandwidth is not a valid argument one way or the other.
> It is for a company that gets massive numbers of hits like Google or  
> Yahoo.

I don't think that bandwidth is that precious to Google. Their homepage  
could be made both smaller and standards-compliant:
but apparently Google doesn't care about either of those things.

> The second problem is that the guy in charge of browser development
> at Microsoft has rejected a perfectly reasonable solution without giving
> sufficient justification.

I think Chris, as a Microsoft representative, has given perfect  
justification for this: he's not willing to cause any trouble to  
Microsoft's customers, because that's bad business for Microsoft.

The problem is that his solution makes one vendor's life easier at the  
cost of all other vendors, and that's not something you'd expect from W3C  
WG chair.

regards, Kornel Lesinski

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