Re: The argument for |bugmode| (was Re: If we have versioning, it should be in an attribute, not the doctype)

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 16:18:44 +0200, Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo  
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> Let's analyze the situation:
> You've built a web page, it's rendered correctly and works properly in
> all the current browsers.
> is released with a new standards mode, there are some  
> possibilities:
> 1.Your page did relied on a bug and it's fixed in the new IE.
> 1.a If the opt-in is automatic for every new release then your page
> now is broken and you must check and fix it.
> 1.b If you must set the opt-in for the new standards mode then your
> page will remain fine until you add the opt-in and fix the problems.
> 2. Your page didn't relied on any bug fixed in No matter if
> there's an opt-in or not, no matter if there's a new Standards mode or
> not, everything works fine and everybody is happy.

2.b The page didn't bother making a complex workaround for a missing  
feature / non-fatal bug. fixed this, but nobody benefits from it  
because the author has to make a manual opt-in.

Magnus Kristiansen
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