Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5 (progress on recruiting editors)

Also sprach Dan Connolly:

 > > 2) Some candidates on the list may be objectionable to various  
 > > parties in the group, just as the team of "just Ian Hickson" is  
 > > apparently objectionable to you and Chris. By the way, I'd like to  
 > > know the nature of the objection. Why do you guys think this will be  
 > > a problem, and are your objections being made as chairs, or as  
 > > representatives of your respective organizations? If the latter, then  
 > > I think we have a serious process problem here. Any other  
 > > organization that objected to a nominated editor would have to make  
 > > their case to the chairs and to the working group, but you guys are  
 > > bypassing that.
 > Perhaps there's a time and a place for open discussion
 > of the objections, but actually, I hope it doesn't come
 > to that; they're not technical in nature. I prefer to
 > focus on the options for going forward.

In the past, Microsoft has pressured W3C in private to add its own
people to the list of editors [1]. The arguments were non-technical;
Microsoft didn't contribute much technically but wanted to be seen as
leading the web.

Is history repeating itself? I hope not. A good way to avoid being out
under pressure is to require that all proposals and objections are
sent to this list. 


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Received on Thursday, 19 April 2007 13:46:04 UTC