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On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> >
> > On a broader scale, we are generating *many* emails, reactions, 
> > documents, and one editor only will shurly miss some reactions. And 
> > the effort of some editor to understand each other and to make 
> > compromise should lead to a more clear spec.
> Responsibility for tracking feedback does not need to be in one-to-one 
> correspondence with ability to directly modify the spec document. 
> Regardless of how many editors there are, I hope we designate some 
> additional people to be responsible for issue tracking.

In fact I would go further -- I'd say that ideally we would separate the 
roles of feedback collection, translation, and collation, editing in 
response to this feedback, and responding to the original commenters. Each 
of these five areas is a big job, but each requires different skills, and 
should IMHO be done by different (though possibly overlapping) groups of 

For instance, feedback collection requires trawling blogs and forums for 
feedback (e.g. people whining about the spec but not actually sending us 
feedback), trawling bug systems for areas that are vague (a lot of bug 
reports result in complaints that the spec is vague, but few of those 
result in actual feedback to the relevant working group), and so forth.

Feedback translation requires people who can translate the feedback found 
in the first step, which can come from all over the world, into the 
language that the group can understand.

Feedback collation is a difficult task that requires skill, as one must 
take the many hundreds of pieces of feedback on each issue and distill it 
to short statements with clear use cases and arguments that still do not 
lose any of the original request.

And so forth.

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