Re: Request for Decision: HTML5 Proposal

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>2) There has been some disagreement with the nomination of Ian Hickson as
>(sole) editor. I count one "why not try someone new?" and one "-1" on the
>public list.

Let me add a “+/-1” then. :-)

The Editor would in many situations need to suppress personal 
opinion in order to act objectively based on the WG consensus. 
Given Ian has been, and presumably will continue to be, one of 
the more active driving forces for this effort, we may be better 
served by leaving Ian unconstrained and having a less invested 
person in the Editor role.

Personally I would prefer several Editors each responsible for a 
limited portion of the document(s) — which might make it 
easier to find willing volunteers — but do not necessarily 
feel strongly about the subject.

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