Re: Non-goal for HTML: Picture-perfect rendering

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 04:26:19 +0200, Karl Dubost <> wrote:

> So I have the feeling that going with an HTML Task Force taking the  
> canvas part in a small spec would really speed up the process.
>  It is more agile in the method.
> It will give satisfaction to the WG for having published something more  
> quickly than the whole HTML specification (that will take a lot more  
> time).

Different parts of the spec having different levels of maturity is  
identified as a problem at the WHATWG, and we're working on a way to add  
markers to different sections of the spec to indicate the maturity. A  
section could well be considered standalone (e.g. canvas), have it's own  
test suite, and be proved interoperable between implementations, while  
still not having to be split out of the spec. Splitting things out comes  
at a cost (more work for the editor(s)) and I think the benefits of doing  
so can be achieved anyway.

(Currently the markers only indicate "to be written", "work in progress"  
and "self-contained section". There still isn't an easy way to update  
them, but as I said, we're working on it. Contributions welcome.)

Simon Pieters

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