Re: A Compromise to the Versioning Debate

On Apr 16, 2007, at 12:34, Dão Gottwald wrote:

> I see. But then the name of the attribute should make clear that  
> it's IE-specific,

Why would designed-for-ie-version='7' be better than e.g. tested-with- 
current-browser-versions-on='2007-04-16'? In any case, the name of  
the attribute would need to very strongly suggest what kind of value  
is expected so that cargo cultists would instinctively adjust the  
value when they copy boilerplate markup.

> and as an interim solution,

Interim solutions on the Web tend to become permanent...

> it shouldn't be part of the spec.

Well, at least conformance checkers would need to allow the  
attribute. Otherwise, Microsoft would most likely come up with a  
switch that isn't noticed by conformance checkers and, as a  
consequence, would not round-trip nicely with XML tools.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 16 April 2007 09:55:58 UTC