Re: A Compromise to the Versioning Debate

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> Make <!DOCTYPE html> *always* trigger the latest standards mode, 
> unless accompanied by an explicit switch.
> e.g.
> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <!--[mode = IE8]-->
> <html>
> ...
> It doesn't really matter what syntax you use for it.  Those of us who 
> choose to use <!DOCTYPE html> and explicitly omit the switch are 
> taking the risk upon ourselves that something may break with a future 
> release.  Those who choose to use the switch are explicitly accepting 
> the continued use of IE[n] bugs.
> Let us choose to be free from vendor-lock-in.
This sounds quite sane as a way to get past what seems brewing up to be 
an insurmountable impasse. I hope things end up getting at least this 
far. One absolutely *dependable* way to trigger standards mode *knowing* 
that it really will trigger standards mode would be extremely helpful. 
And the switch capability could be employed when absolutely necessary.

Thanks for chewing on this to this point.


Received on Sunday, 15 April 2007 07:14:23 UTC