Re: Pandering to poor authorship (was Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>)

Dylan Smith wrote:
> on 4/13/07 11:31 PM, Mike Schinkel at wrote:
>> People are, more and more, able to author snippets of HTML to be
>> incorporated into an existing HTML structure, and not just entire HTML
>> documents.  We need to recognize that emergent use-case and their
>> applicable needs.
> Hmm, you might have a bit of a point here - I keep thinking of an "author"
> as somebody with a copy of BBEdit. Thinking about this opens up an entire
> can of worms, dunnit?
Exactly, and this change has only recently started happening on a broad 
scale with the explosion of social media. And I believe all indications 
are that it will accelerate and we'll ignore it to our peril.

-Mike Schinkel -

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