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> Microsoft could focus on making it easier for webmasters to recognize
> their mistakes and fix the code and then any necessary breakage wouldn't
> be affecting so many sites.
> Many authors don't have slightest idea that there's something wrong with
> their code. This can be solved - make standard IE distribution warn about
> deprecated features and problems exposed by invalid code. Warnings don't
> have to be obnoxious, they just have to be noticeable in the standard IE,
> because very few authors will download additional toolkits/SDKs, but all
> of them test their websites in a vanilla IE version.
> When a potentially important bug is planned to be axed in a future version
> of IE, you can display more prominent warning in an earlier version. Then
> nobody will get surprised when next version comes out and probably most
> websites will be fixed by then.
> It's not completly transparent to users and maybe not the easiest strategy
> for Microsoft, but I think in the long term it's better than just waiting
> until buggy sites get fixed, because they won't - there won't be anything
> to fix until browsers break it.


-- Dylan Smith

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