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Re: Versioning and html[5]

From: Mike Schinkel <w3c-lists@mikeschinkel.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 17:43:08 -0400
Message-ID: <46214AEC.8000702@mikeschinkel.com>
To: public-html@w3.org

Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo wrote:
>> Why does the opt-in have to be in the spec? There could be an easy-to-
>> reach "legacy content mode" button in IE.next that can be used when a
>> page doesn't render correctly  in it's new (hopefully) bug-free
>> standards-mode.
> But if you have to click that button to switch rendering modes every
> now and then, you'll get tired very soon. That switch must be
> automagic.
But having this switch would give content authors a reason to fix their 
content in order to avoid making their users have to deal with it.  And 
we're talking to 1% case here, not the entire web.

-Mike Schinkel
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