Re: small consultation

Dmitry Turin wrote:
>>> Let it will be possible to use signs "*,?" in string of address of browser,
>>> and let they will designate the same, as in command string in OS.
>>> Browser generate html-document,
>>> in which it list all suitable, but already visitted addresses.
>> Although probably a nice feature for a browser (in fact, browsing
>> back/forward/history implementations could use some serious improvement
>> with better search methods and a tree structure instead of a list), this
>> does not belong in the HTML specification.
> Excuse me, how are you think,
> what is the most relevant discussion group (in this site) for mentioned question ?

There isn't one.  This would be a browser feature, and it would be up to 
you to suggest it to each browser vendor through their feature 
suggestion systems.


Received on Friday, 13 April 2007 12:25:31 UTC