Re: Opt-in solutions ...and problems (was Re: Versioning and html[5])

Matthew Ratzloff wrote:
> 1. Provide no opt-in switch, but do not write the specification in 
> such a way that breaks content in Internet Explorer.  This, in effect, 
> means adding to the spec the IE-specific bugs that at least 1% of 
> websites coded with IE in mind rely upon.
>    + One specification governs all behavior; easy for authors
>    - IE bugs are introduced into the specification
>    - Deprecating, removing, or otherwise specifying a change in usage 
> is severely limited
I do not see how deprecating something is limited by this.  The spec 
should say what authors should use (strict in what you specify) but 
browsers' support should be backwards-compatible (permissive in what you 
accept), so deprecated content should display correctly, but authors 
shouldn't use it.


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