Re: Versioning and html[5]

Lachlan Hunt schreef:
> Right, because authors will be able to remember and type that number 
> so easily! 

Well, maybe just version="200705" will do. Or just tell authors to have 
it contain the date when they created the page, that way they don’t have 
to remember a specific number.

>> Then again, I would love if Microsoft could change the default type 
>> for a <button> to submit instead of button.
> They can!  That's not likely to significantly break the web, it's 
> likely to fix a few pages.

Why do you think it would not significantly break the web? I created a 
demo in IE once (as it was meant to be demoed using IE), and when I 
tried it in Firefox I was surprised that instead of running the script 
that I wanted it to run, it submitted the form and caused unexpected 
results. That’s how I found out that the default type of <button> 
according to the specification is submit. Now just imagine I had never 
tried this in Firefox.


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