RE: Versioning and html[5]

Dão Gottwald [] wrote:
>You describe very well how and why the status quo causes headaches. All
>this should be easy for both web authors and MS, but it isn't. It is in
>your interest to change that.


>IMHO, you should:
>- support existing doctype switches for HTML<5,


>- support <!DOCTYPE html> as always-the-latest-version,

Not once it's widely used, as we will break back-compat.

>- release new versions of IE often and advance aggressively (get
>   somewhere near standards compliance, and people won't expect IE to be
>   and remain the buggy browser),


>- and if needed, make new frozen-standard-support modes opt-in, and use
>   conditional comments for that (which would make you independent from
>   this very HTML WG and allow you to add new, advanced modes later on
>   without having to wait for another HTML spec).

That only allows authors to fix up their pages relatively easily once they see they're broken.  We release a new browser, and web developers and users still say "it's broken".


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