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On Apr 12, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:
> On 12. apr. 2007, at 23.36, Ian Hickson wrote:
>> SGML/XML aren't relevant to this discussion, as we're not talking  
>> about
>> the SGML or XML serialisations of HTML, but the text/html  
>> serialistion.
> As far as I know text/html is the MIME type of the SGML and XML  
> serializations of HTML.
> Are you planning to make a standard that is not based on SGML and XML?

If we accept the WHAT-WG's latest draft, then yes:


> While the HTML form of HTML5 bears a close resemblance to SGML and  
> XML, it is a separate language with its own parsing rules.
> Some earlier versions of HTML (in particular from HTML2 to HTML4)  
> were based on SGML and used SGML parsing rules. However, few (if  
> any) web browsers ever implemented true SGML parsing for HTML  
> documents; the only user agents to strictly handle HTML as an SGML  
> application have historically been validators. The resulting  
> confusion  with validators claiming documents to have one  
> representation while widely deployed Web browsers interoperably  
> implemented a different representation  has resulted in this  
> version of HTML returning to a non-SGML basis.
> Authors interested in using SGML tools in their authoring pipeline  
> are encouraged to use the XML serialisation of HTML5 instead of the  
> HTML serialisation.


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