Re: Level of specification detail (Was Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5)

On 12/04/07, Maciej Stachowiak <> wrote:
> In my opinion:
> The spec itself should mainly try to address implementors of user
> agents (including browsers, search engines, data mining tools, etc),
> conformance checkers and authoring tools, since these audiences need
> a significant amount of precision.
> A simpler guide for authors might be a useful addendum, and of course
> we definitely want exhaustive test cases.

I'm fine with the spec mostly addressing implementors, though I think
there is a strong need for authors to have some kind of official and
complete guide/reference.

I really don't want this spec to go the way of ECMA-262 3ed, where the
specification is practically unusable by the vast majority of coders
because it ONLY concentrates on implementors and not coders and there
is no official coder-friendly documentation. The result is a mess of
tutorial and reference sites that are based on implementations and
aren't complete and entirely correct and that frequently conflates the
host environment with the language standard.

Something like the elements/attributes tables of HTML4.01 is enough,
it just needs to be there somewhere.
David "liorean" Andersson

Received on Thursday, 12 April 2007 07:58:34 UTC