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On Apr 11, 2007, at 5:26 AM, stefan2904 wrote:
> Maybe it would help to display all mails from a user or a counting  
> of them in the memberlist


With regards to the number of people on this list, I'd say that  
people need to use their discretion ~ we all know how many people are  
here, some are students like me, others are here representing the  
major browsers, etc. If a "+1" is warranted, send it ~ but if no one  
disagrees, then it's useless to have ten emails showing concurrence.

> I think having 300+ person on this list is a risk when we are  
> talking about an open list.

Yes, this seems challenging ~ we all get plenty of emails. But if  
this specification is to be open, and in my opinion account to the  
community at large (and not a small group, i.e. browser vendors or  
any particular group of web developers), this list needs to remain open.


I've had some concerns with the W3C process, mainly the lack of  
direction from the chairs ~ but remember that you can email them  
directly. Dan and Chris have been more than helpful, and I believe  
we'll be more on track once we all agree on a mutual starting point  
(whether it be adopting WHATWG's spec or someplace else).

Thanks, hope everyone's having a good day....
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