Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

On 10/04/2007 17:12, Doug Schepers wrote:

> I'm curious what would happen if this proposal is not accepted.  Is this 
> an ultimatum on behalf of Mozilla, Apple, and Opera?  Do these 
> representative speak with the voices of their respective companies, or 
> are these individual opinions?

a. there are no ultimatums in our world because standards are a world of
    compromise. Violence - even verbal - is the last refuge for

b. people never mention their affiliation if not on behalf of their
    parent company,

c. Apple, Mozilla and Opera and full W3C members and therefore their
    representative(s) in the WG speak in their name.

And it's not the right time to discuss what could happen if not
accepted. We have enough to do with reality, let's keep guesswork
for the future.


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