Re: Proposal to Adopt HTML5

On 4/9/07, Maciej Stachowiak  wrote:
> on feedback from implementors and content authors. Therefore, we the
> undersigned propose the following:
> - that the W3C HTML Working Group adops the WHAT Working Group's
> HTML5 as the starting point for further HTML development

This seems to be the only sane way forward -- WHATWG's work provides a
solid foundation on which the HTML WG can grow from. Key tho is the
phrase "starting point", and as well there should be some decision on
the future of WHATWG's HTML v. HTML WG's.

> - that the W3C's next-generation HTML specification is officially
> named "HTML 5"

This sounds sensible, but I may have missed some of the nuances in the
threads over this issue.

> - that Ian Hickson is named as editor for the W3C's HTML 5
> specification, to preserve continuity with the existing WHATWG effort

Again, agree with this point and the statements on Ian's skills as a
spec editor.


Craig Saila

Received on Tuesday, 10 April 2007 15:32:15 UTC