RE: innerHTML and setTimeout

On Mon 4/9/2007 7:10 PM Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

>So I don't see any particular problem with the HTML WG defining HTML-specific APIs in particular (and reviewed the charter with that question among others in my mind). Andif you want the Web API group to take on new deliverables, you wil probably need to volunteer up the manpower to do the work - we are somethwat stretched as it is.

Thanks Chaals. I guess this leaves just a couple of questions open though: are innerHTML and setTimeout "HTML-specific" enough to satisfy your group and its charter?
innerHTML would certainly seem to be,  though in the WHATWG doc, there is a sticky note mentioning that it should perhaps be called something else for consistency with XML documents. Something like innerXML to serialize other namespaces would prove handy at times. (SVG/Adobe has object.printNode -- though that is read only,  as I recall.)
setTimeout, rather mercifully, works within SVG (much as one would expect it to), and though SMIL is about 80 degrees preferrable from an author's perspective it doesn't do everything that setTimeout + script allows (I really don't think SVG's SMIL is Turing complete). It would be rather an unhappy circumstance if an HTML defn of setTimeout ended up breaking the SVG part of the web.

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