Re: Proposing <indent> vs. <blockquote>

Dao Gottwald wrote:
> Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> Yes, I can use CSS, but indent is such a common need that I end up 
>> using <blockquote> because it doesn't require me to remember the 
>> idiosyncrasies of the box model and how it applies to different 
>> browsers.
> You think that's a valid reason?
Is that a rhetorical question?
>> Providing an <indent> would add zero semantic information
> ... which directly violates our Design Principles.
Can you be more specific?
> and they could use the class attribute to provide additional semantics 
> if desired.
> So you expect accessible browser X to recognize <indent class="quote"> 
> as a quote?
Did I say that?  (Asked another way, since when do *browsers* generally 
recognize semantics in markup?)

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Monday, 9 April 2007 10:09:44 UTC