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Indeed.  So it'd be nice if we could know when the content is HTML5.  I don't believe that we're going to be so brilliant that HTML 6 is absolutely, positively backward compatible, despite the best of intentions.  No versioning means you can NEVER, EVER deprecate ANYTHING.

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Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> Every time this WG releases a new  version of HTML, if we can identify
>> it we can automatically opt it in to "really really" standards mode.
> It has already been explained why such a solution is unworkable in the
> real world for all future versions of HTML.  We need to define exactly
> how to handle the web as it is today and that means defining how to
> handle today's content.

IMHO MS if free to violate the spec and stick with legacy rendering
modes for HTML <5. The relevance of that will fade away with time.


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