Re: [whatwg] Default (informal) Style Sheet

2007/4/7, Sander Tekelenburg <>:
> It seems extremely unlikely to me that every UA will in fact implement the
> exact same default Style Sheet, even it it were mandated by the spec.
> Therefore, in reality authors will not be able to rely on this and thus
> speccing it, giving authors the impression they can rely on it, is likely
> to
> be result in more problems for users, not less.

So it comes down to this:
You don't trust that the UA will implement the default Stylesheet, and so
you say that every UA can do what they want because you propose that every
web author include that CSS Zapper.

Some web authors will implement a CSS zapper to achieve the goal of having
the same rendering in all the browsers, but too many web authors will focus
just on the browsers that have the most usage and new browsers will have to
reverse engineer and copy those de facto standards that aren't documented
anywhere or too many websites will look wrong.

I don't see any real advantage in not proposing a default stylesheet.
Probably no browser right now will adhere to it, but in the long term it
will save everybody lots of time.

Received on Saturday, 7 April 2007 15:38:42 UTC