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On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 19:37:55 +0200, Chris Wilson  
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>> But I think it should be one of the roles of this group to document the  
>> behavior that is needed to be able to browse the Web, which helps new  
>> browsers enter the market.  That means specifying things to the level  
>> of detail that pages depend on, and it also means compromising on the  
>> details where existing implementations disagree.
> We are not specifying HTML 4.01 here.

We're not? I think a large part of what this group should do is fixing  
HTML4. (A lot of this is already done by the HTML5 proposal.)

Also, I don't think that introducing versioning for HTML at this point  
would be a good idea. It makes:

* authoring more complex;
* testing more complex;
* developing new user agents more complex
* maintaining existing user agents more complex;
* specifications more complex.

Another problem is that user agents incrementally evolve and not implement  
a complete specification perfectly in one go. They'll have bugs in their  
initial implementation of features, et cetera.

> I'm happy to make HTML >4.01 have behavior based on "compromising  
> details where existing implementations disagree," even when that means  
> IE needs to change behavior - but not in a situation where that would  
> break compatibility with a current web page.

Anne van Kesteren

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