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Re: Microsoft has now joined the HTML Working Group

From: Matthew Raymond <mattraymond@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 21:54:14 -0400
Message-ID: <4615A846.50008@earthlink.net>
To: Chris Wilson <Chris.Wilson@microsoft.com>
CC: "public-html@w3.org" <public-html@w3.org>

Chris Wilson wrote:
> [co-chair hat off]
> Matthew Raymond [mailto:mattraymond@earthlink.net] wrote:
>> If so, what are your feelings about a 3D context similar to the
>> ones being developed by Opera and Mozilla?
> I think 3D is a stretch goal at best.

   I don't see why. Both Mozilla and Opera have prototype 3D contexts
for <canvas> based on OpenGL ES, and Mozilla's version may even make it
into the release of Firefox 3.0. I've also seen several 3D apps built on
top of the <canvas> 2D context, so there seems to be some interest from
the development community.

> It may be interesting in
> the future, but honestly I haven't looked at what goals the
> Opera/Mozilla effort has.  There have been many 3D attempts in
> the past; grand goals have typically led to failures.

   Can you give an example of a similar technology supported by multiple
browser vendors? Most of what I've seen in the past has been based on
plug-ins and Active X controls.

>> 5) What is your position on new global attributes like |src|, |href| and
>> |role|?
> Role (I presume you mean ARIA Role?) is a good idea.

   I was referring to the XHTML Role Attribute Module:


   I personally oppose a XHTML2-style |role| attribute, which seems to
be an excuse to convert all semantics into global attributes, but I
wouldn't stand in the way of a role attribute specifically tailored for
accessibility purposes. I think there's a good use case for WAI-ARIA.
Perhaps a rename to "wairole" to avoid confusion.

>> 7) Do you feel that the changes to <label> focus passing in WF2 should
>> be kept or discarded?
> I'm not informed enough to comment at this point.

   Generally, the idea is that <label> elements would be redefined to
only focus pass to controls if the underlying platform allows focus
passing for that control in their user interface guidelines. Thus, all
web pages will have their controls act the same as the underlying
platform, but the labels won't behave the same across controls or
platforms. I referred to this on the WHATWG mailing list as an
"irrational consistency".

>> 14) To <acronym> or not to <acronym>? That is a sentence fragment.
> We support it in IE7.  :)

   That's my general feeling.

>> 15) How do you feel about <time>? (See Web Apps 1.0.)
> It's on my side.  :)

   Yes it is!

>> 16) What are your feelings regarding predefined classes?
> Like what?  Microformats?

   No, I mean classes predefined in the HTML specification. Personally,
I don't care for the idea, but I like it better than the XHTML 2.0
|role| attribute.
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