RE:Re: Microsoft has now joined the HTML Working Group

We had a case like this. A client required to count the number of times an invoice had been printed. Another example can be to display some information or warning to the user before printing. I.e.: remember to call XX before printing this quote to the customer.

Unfortunately it is not possible to catch whether the document was actually printed or not. If I rememember correctly the event fires even if the user clicks cancel in the print dialog or even just displays a print preview.

Espen Antonsen - 24SevenOffice

Chris Wilson wrote:
>> 8) Do you feel that |onbeforeprint| and |onafterprint| should be
>> incorporated into the next HTML standard?
> If you mean the events we support in IE (or some cleanup of same/same concept), sure.

What are the use cases? I remember that when people asked for these 
events, it seemed that they just didn't know CSS well enough to define a 

print stylesheet.

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