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So you'd prefer to choose to embed Ogg Theora support into Opera rather than a format that's more common on the web.

Look, I get the licensing concerns.  As one of the companies that would be first in line to be sued, I don't think Microsoft should support mandating Theora support.  That doesn't rule out IE adding support for it, or users using it, or of course anyone else implementing it - I just don't think the benefit of having "one web video format" overrides the risk (more risk the larger the implementer) that there are submarine patents on it, or the fact that its adoption today is near zero.

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Chris Wilson wrote:

 > Is it really the case that anyone DOESN'T have an MPG decoder on
 > their system?

I assume you mean H.264 when you say MPG?

In the last 24 hours, I have surfed the web on four different devices:

 - IBM Thinkpad laptop running Ubuntu
 - Sony Ericsson K300i mobile phone
 - Nintento Wii games console
 - OLPC XO laptop

Opera runs on all of them (Opera Mini on K300i). However, none of them
can play back H.264 natively. The SE K300i has a video player that
accepts .3GP files, but only with H.263 video content, AFAIK.

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