Re: semantics [was Re: Proposed Design Principles updated]

On 05/04/2007 02:08, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Dailey, David P. [] wrote:
> *I rather like HTML5.‾5 as a name -- it would, in some sort of recursive sense, acknowledge the ongoing contributions of WHATWG, but make it clearly distinct from it, hence implying something closer to HTML6 than to HTML5 -- is there, by the way any real way to make an overscore 5 in HTML to imply a repeating decimal?
> In CSS there is: HTML 5.<span style="text-decoration: overline">5</span>.

I would not give a new number, the press focusing too much on numbers,
and would do what we did in the good old days of html+.
Make it html5+ and explicitely say it's a codename until the feature set
says if it's a minor change or a major one.


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