Re: Microsoft has now joined the HTML Working Group

   Now that you're here, let the questions begin:

1) What's your position on <video> and using Ogg Theora as the format
that all browsers SHOULD support?

2) Would Microsoft consider including <canvas> in "IE Next" if Apple
agrees to license any associated IP, royalty-free, under W3C patent
rules? If so, what are your feelings about a 3D context similar to the
ones being developed by Opera and Mozilla?

3) What is your position on namespacing in HTML?

4) What is your position regarding Web Forms 2.0 and XForms
Transitional? Should they be merged? If so, in what manner?

5) What is your position on new global attributes like |src|, |href| and

6) Will Microsoft's continuing use of the Trident rendering engine
restrict what it can support with regards to new standards in Internet
Explorer? If so, will the new HTML specification reflect the limitations
of Trident?

7) Do you feel that the changes to <label> focus passing in WF2 should
be kept or discarded?

8) Do you feel that |onbeforeprint| and |onafterprint| should be
incorporated into the next HTML standard?

9) How would you deal with the "rich content" problem for attributes
like |alt| and |title|? (In other words, the fact that you can only have
text for |alt| and |title| rather than HTML markup.)

10) What are your opinions on how to handle creation and submission of
rich text in forms?

11) Does Microsoft intend to support XBL 2.0 in future versions of IE?

12) Will IE support APNG, MNG or a similar format in future versions of
IE? If so, which format?

13) Will the possibility of 3D presentations (perhaps using a CSS4 3D
Module) be considered when designing new markup for HTML?

14) To <acronym> or not to <acronym>? That is a sentence fragment.

15) How do you feel about <time>? (See Web Apps 1.0.)

16) What are your feelings regarding predefined classes?

   That's all I can think of for now. Eyes getting heavy. Must rest...

Received on Thursday, 5 April 2007 02:33:38 UTC