Re: Introduce <term> element

> So, in order to fill this gap, I suggest a <term> element is introduced,
> as an accompaniment for <dfn>. This will cover a lot of cases where <i>
> is used and <em> is inappropriate. I think it is generic enough to
> deserve its own element, as opposed to making <i> and <b> catch-all
> elements and defining several overlapping meanings for them.


<term> looks nice and seems to fill many uses of <i> and <b>, although
using it to mark up text in foreign languages might not always be

For example sometimes instead of phrase or word, there
is a whole bunch of paragraphs in foreign text, that you would like to
be in italic e.g. the long passages of french at the beginning of
"War and Peace". That kind of long passages are probably better served
with just <span lang="foo"> as setting them in italic or roman typeface
is largely matter of taste, not well-established convention.

Another place where italics is often used is when the author wants to
express the direct thoughts of a person, in contrast to the direct
speach. For example:

    <i>This might even work,</i> thought John and said,
    "That's never going to happen!"

Just some things to think about.

Rene Saarsoo

Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2007 20:09:07 UTC