Re: Let every element have a src attribute

Laurens Holst wrote:
> Matthew Raymond schreef:
>>    The content we're talking about isn't supposed to describe an image,
>> it's supposed to replace it. There's a difference. Remember when Prince
>> was using that unpronounceable symbol as his name? A description would
>> tell you what that symbol looks like (and you'd probably want to put
>> that description in the |title| attribute). The replacement content
>> would be "the artist formerly known as Prince".
> I’d say it’s the other way around, actually. Alternative text should be 
> the description of the looks, and title should be the artist formerly 
> known as prince. Alt text should describe how the image looks, so that 
> blind people can get an idea of it without seeing it.

   Seeing as |alt| is required and |title| is not, I fail to see why the
required attribute would give a description while the optional element
would tell you what the symbol actually signifies. Are you suggesting
that in the absence of a |title| and a failure of the image to load,
that people could determine it's the Artist formerly know as Prince by
the description of the symbol?!?

> Note that aside from ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’, that ‘the 
> symbol’ is also used (iirc). ‘The symbol’ would make a better (though 
> minimal) alt-text.

   I'm not familiar with "the symbol" having been used to address
Prince, and I suspect many others have never heard of it either.

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