Re: ensuring the existence & enhancing the power of Q

On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:32:55 +0200, Henri Sivonen <> wrote:
> On Apr 3, 2007, at 00:52, Ian Hickson wrote:
>> On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, L. David Baron wrote:
>>> Instead of enhancing the Q element, we should deprecate it and replace
>>> it.
>> Replace it with what?
> With author-provided punctuation as text content.

Yes. What would be the cost be if Firefox, Safari and Opera dropped the  
default quotation marks and advocated that authors provide their own  
quotation marks instead? This would make complicated CSS features for this  
not needed. It would probably make content designed with default quotation  
marks in mind harder to read, but not substantially harder and the most  
widely deployed user agent, Internet Explorer, will already show them in  
this way...

Anne van Kesteren

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