Re: ensuring the existence & enhancing the power of Q

Hey Gregory,

On Apr 2, 2007, at 1:35 PM, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:

> PS: maciej, may i suggest, that the next time you email
> someone to tell them they're not welcome here, that you
> send such a response directly to the poster, and not to
> the list.

You're welcome to participate in the group, but since XHTML2 has a  
charter goal of breaking compatibility for a more elegant design and  
this group does not, your proposals would make more sense for XHTML2,  
in my opinion.

Incidentally, DanC asked for some test cases that would illustrate  
compatibility issues with changing the "cite" attribute from a URI to  
free-form text.

<q id="quote" cite="World Book Encyclopedia">The average annual  
rainfall in San Francisco is 1000 meters.</q>

You will see that "cite" is resolved as a relative URI reference in  
current browsers and per the DOM 2 HTML spec, which is incompatible  
with the desire to use it for free-form text.

Also, when seen by a search engine, such markup could lead it to  
index a bogus URI.


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