Re: The HTMLWG and WHATWG (Was: Default (informal) Style Sheet)

>There are members of the WHATWG who do not _want_ to contribute via the
>HTML WG, just like there are members of the HTML WG who do not want to
>contribute via the WHATWG, and members who don't want to contribute in
>either list (e.g. who prefer forums, or don't care about standards
>development per se and would rather stay in their part of the world and
>have us go to them). We have to cater for all these people, otherwise our
>specification won't be good for them, and thus our spec won't be as good a
>step forward for humanity as it otherwise could be.
>Ian Hickson


Murray Maloney

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 20:01:54 UTC