Re: Form fields for uploading

Yes, I wasn't sure whether XForms will completely replace normal HTML  
forms. If they do/will,
then my idea can be discarded, of course. However, I think normal  
HTML forms will be here a
while and since we are working on other form controls too, I thought  
submitting this list wasn't
a bad idea.

- Alexander Graf

On 02.04.2007, at 17:56, Benjamin Chait wrote:

> On Apr 2, 2007, at 11:48 AM, Alexander Graf wrote:
>> File upload fields are very, very broken right now. They should be  
>> modified to allow
>> for:
>> 	1) Drag and Drop of files to the upload field
>> 	2) Uploading of multiple files
>> 	3) Setting the file type to upload
>> 	4) Uploading/selecting of whole folders
>> 	5) if possible, let the author read (DOM/JS) the number of files  
>> that
>> 	were selected for uploading, their filenames/paths and their size.
> This sounds like it's beyond HTML WG and into XForms? (Not sure the  
> actual term, but this is more technical than just HTML.)
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