New widget: picture

Now widget <input type=file> exist for attaching a file to a form.
But there are special case, when attaching file is graphic file!
And we want to see picture in current document BEFORE sending form.

This special case maybe in CMS-engine for management of site,
or maybe in engine of internet-shop (user create new goods and upload picture of goods to server -
he want to see, that he does not make mistake in choice of graphic file),
and so on.


1. Browser should display content of graphic file instead of path and name of file.
2. Should be there two image in browser window - button (as in case of <input type=file>) and
   octogon ? No. Two image looks badly. Only one image - octogon - should be displayed.
3. We should can differ uploading file from html-element <img src= >.
   How we can distinguish ? Let browser show uploading picture without corner -
   so picture is not rectangle, but it is octagon (cut corner must be small).
4. How we can use octogon for control ? Let browser open explorer of file system
   at pressing on octogon.
   But how octogon must be displayed before first pressing ?
   Let octogon is white figure with black border
   (we can change color of figure, color of border, width of border in CSS-file).
5. What is html-element for this ? It should be <input type=file> or other ?
   I think, functionality of new widget differs from <input type=file> enough
   to enter new html-tag. Let it will be <input type=pic>.

Accompanying illustrations:

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 13:52:53 UTC