Superstructure markup

I everyone !

I didn't found any subject about superstructure markup in the archive
of our list, so here it is.

I most of the sites that I create, I have the following main parts :
- skip links list ;
- a header ;
- a general menu ;
- sometime a 'local' menu (if the gen menu makes it not) ;
- a footer.

What about specifing the corresponding markup (remember the HTML 3.2
<menu> :, on the base of the
WHATWG work :

But I think that a scope attribute could be needed, who's values could be :
- global for the entire site ;
- page for that page only (TOC, for example) ;
- section, for a part of the site (identified by her root element URL ?) ;
- etc..


The scope could used by UA for caching issues, reloading previous
rendering of an element with the same scope value, and so skipping
render computation for that element.

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 12:05:36 UTC