Re: Default (informal) Style Sheet

Murray Maloney wrote:
> I don't understand this exchange. Picking only one list would limit 
> your audience.
> Since some of us are working exclusively in the HTML WG, I dont see 
> how it
> helps to advise anyone to simply pick one list. My impression is that 
> the W3C's
> HTML WG is working on the next W3C HTML. That is the spec that I want 
> to work on.
I concur with Murray here. When I asked Dan Connolly about this he said 
it had already been addressed by Ian on a list where Ian said WHATWG 
will continue even though it might be a superset.  But I find that whole 
organization confusing much like the old Chinese proverb "Man with one 
watch knows the time. Man with two watches is never sure."

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 03:46:47 UTC