Re: {agenda} HTML WG telcon 2009-08-13

> Issue-74/Action-133 canvas-accessibility
> This item is not due this week, but I'm choosing to flag it at this 
> time as it as a target date of 2009-12-17 which would preclude us for 
> going to Last Call this year.  I'd like to put out a call for 
> volunteers: if there is anybody out there with an interest and ability 
> to help pull this date in, I would like to ask that they step forward.

One suggestion I have on this, and yes I know this was based on a 
previous vote, is that we re-consider whether to keep the Canvas element 
in HTML 5, or to spin it off, either into a new working group, or 
potential future working group.

I know that folks wanted this item covered by _some_ working group, but 
canvas accessibility issues could end up holding back the entire HTML 5 
document, because canvas accessibility isn't going to be a quick fix, 
not from what I can see. In addition, tying the element to the HTML 5 
will hinder future innovation.

Frankly, the HTML 5 specification is already overly large, and the HTML 
5 object, other than the element tag, really doesn't fit in with a 
specification titled "HTML" anything.

Is there any possibility that this one could be raised to a new item, or 
be reconsidered?


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