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--- Comment #3 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson@yahoo.com>  2009-04-04 22:42:58 ---
A partial solution may have been instituted, first by Microsoft applicable to
Internet Explorer 5 and later and then by HTML 5: the attribute
oncontextmenu="return false" added to the body element or any, maybe every,
other element.

Credit goes to a Usenet poster
I did suggest at a website forum on Web authoring the possibility of testing to
verify that this works, but haven't heard back. (I don't have a platform for

What this is supposed to do is block the context menu. If IE8 Accelerators are
only in the context menu and not in any other menus, fine. If they're also
elsewhere, then the attribute is not good enough. Since the feature is in IE8
Beta, possibly MS will use the final release to put Accelerators into a regular
menu in addition, thus defeating the attribute value. Also, if the context menu
has any other command that's not an Accelerator but also is not in the menubar
menus, then this attribute value may be excessive. And if IE8 has or will have
two context menus, one for Accelerators and the other for other commands, the
Accelerators context menu may not respond to this attribute value.

It also doesn't meet the legal need for an all-platform all-UA all-tool method,
so that anyone claiming compliance has to offer website authors a way to block
any similar technology.

If left to a proprietor, say, Microsoft, I'm concerned they'll want to punish
us, like they tried to do to people who wanted to use non-MS software with Win,
in this case by disabling much more than just Accelerators by making their
browser noncompliant apart from Accelerator absence.

So we still need a brand-independent method.

Thank you.


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