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[Bug 6684] Disregard of RFC 4329 and IANA MIME Media Types

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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 23:30:25 +0000
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--- Comment #18 from Nicholas Stimpson <nickw3c@nfstimpson.co.uk>  2009-04-01 23:30:25 ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> > > Because HTML5 introduces all kinds of new features. What do the new JS MIME
> > > types introduce?
> > 
> > At least a new notation for Script-Mimetypes.
> What benefit does this bring to the user or the author?
Clarity. For an author who tries to follow specs as best I can, to be faced
with two specs where one says "Do A, don't do B" and another spec that says "Do
B, don't do A", what am I to do?

The HTML5 spec does not live on it's own, but in a environment with all the
other specs, and there's no obvious reason why the HTML5 spec should "win" such
a conflict.

It would at least be easier if the HTML5 spec said "Do A or B, in this context
it doesn't matter".

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