[Bug 6684] Disregard of RFC 4329 and IANA MIME Media Types


--- Comment #16 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>  2009-04-01 22:39:13 ---
> > Because HTML5 introduces all kinds of new features. What do the new JS MIME
> > types introduce?
> At least a new notation for Script-Mimetypes.

What benefit does this bring to the user or the author?

> Like the new (and not always easy
> to remember because of the plentitude of new elements) notation of some core
> elements of a (X)HTML 5 document. :-)

HTML5 specifically avoids renaming any elements that already exist. We have
only added new elements where there was new benefits to be had in doing so.

> > We only have finite resources. We should spend them on features that benefit
> > people.
> Some benefits must have been convincing enough for IETF and IANA to let pass
> RFC 4329 the long process of getting accepted by these formal institutions,
> Ian. Only because you personally don't see the reason, why that particular RFC
> might be useful and has passed that long (several years!) formal process (see
> for instance http://rfc-editor.org/pubprocess.html), in which more than one
> expert has reviewed and discussed the request, that does not mean, that this
> particular RFC is useless, pointless, invalid.

If it's not "useless, pointless, invalid" as you put it, can you tell me what
benefit it has?

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