Re: Updating our work statement

Paul Cotton writes:
> What is the status of updating the A11Y "work statement"?
The TF has not resolved the disagreement of the Co-Facilitators whether
the ARIA related deliverables are, or are not, TF work items.

The list of deliverables is to be pulled from the WS and separately
published so that we can update the deliverables list without
reauthorizing the WS.

The WS is otherwise unchanged.

I will be proposing an amendment to the Consensus Policy to allow for
concurrent CfCs, rather than sequential CfCs, as heretofore. Expect that
email this week to TF, PF, and HTML-Admin.


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> > Is the wiki OK for *reading* from an accessibility point of view?
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> Wiki content tends to be basic, so providing all the usual good things happen (headings, link text, clear language etc.) it should be usable for most people. More specifically it's no bother (editing or consuming) with a screen reader.
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