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[Bug 10661] use an ISO 639-2 specified language for HTML5 documents

[Bug 12726] Document should be on the Note-track

[Bug 13508] Fully support tri-state and indeterminate controls

[Bug 18245] Conveying state of an Active tab in tabbed panels to Assistive Technologies like screen readers

[Bug 18450] Consider adding a screen capture example

[Bug 27054] Accessibility Concerns

[Bug 27787] Sequential Navigation Focus Order for Image Maps

[Bug 27913] focusing steps don't contain scrolling an element into view

[MEDIA] Agenda for Media Subteam; 12 January

[Media] No telecon this Monday 5 January

A11Y-ACTION-295: Point josh from smith kettlewell to the muar document

A11Y-ACTION-296: Present substantive alt note bugs

A11Y-ACTION-297: Present a proposal on menus

A11Y-ACTION-298: Set the focus management discussion up in html wg

A11Y-ACTION-299: Work with richs and make sure html/tf know about plans for accessiiblity mapping documents.

A11Y-ACTION-300: Draft use cases for transcripts

A11Y-ACTION-301: Contribute use cases to johnf

A11Y-ACTION-302: Rationalise alt doc bugs to a single component/etc

A11Y-ACTION-303: Present alt doc changes

A11Y-ACTION-304: Contact wcag chairs and work out how to coordinate discussion on alt doc

A11Y-ACTION-305: Talk to davidm and dpub, and present footnotes here (do we need to do more, â?¦)

A11Y-ACTION-306: Chase b+pl on web components

Accesskey / focus management additions

Agenda: thursday 15th Jan teleconf

alt techniques (WAS: Thursday teleconf agenda)

Better focus support for Shadow DOM

CfC Re: Close bug 13738

Close bug 13738

Date picker use cases and requirements

Fwd: Action Items: Canvas and Rich Text editing where we are

HTML module on keyboard navigation

HTML-A11Y Task Force Agenda; 8 January at 15:00Z for 60 minutes

HTML-a11y TF minutes for 2015-01-29

MathML accessibility

Minutes January 15

Minutes Re: Agenda: thursday 15th Jan teleconf

Minutes: HTML A11y TF telecon, 22nd January 2015

More keyboard focus stuff Fwd: Better focus support for Shadow DOM

New bug on imagemaps

Styling Captions (was RE: VTT/CSS (was RE: Evidence of 'Wide Review' needed for VTT))

TF agenda request

Thursday teleconf agenda

Thursday Teleconference agenda

Updating our work statement

Where to discuss Re: HTML module on keyboard navigation

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