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7.6 Drag and drop (accessibility)

[aapi] Agenda for HTML to Accessibiltiy API mapping, November 15, 2011

[Bug 10066] replace section 3.2.6 with the alternative spec text provided (ARIA)

[Bug 10249] Canvas requires a content selection method

[Bug 10450] Allow lists to be used as menus or tab sets

[Bug 10888] Access Command Requirements for HTML5

[Bug 10919] Allow role="presentation" to override the default role of any element

[Bug 11391] Provide examples of actual <track> usage, user agent implications

[Bug 11557] Authors should not be allowed to specify roles on elements that they already have by default

[Bug 11593] <video> the <track> @kind attribute should include the all of the identified accessibility content types

[Bug 12228] All Media Elements should have the ability to have both short and longer textual descriptions associated to the element.

[Bug 12544] <video> MEDIA CONTROLLER requires track kind for in-band tracks

[Bug 12547] <video> MEDIA CONTROLLER requires readyState for grouped multitrack

[Bug 12590] @role=presentation for IMG should also require that @title is empty

[Bug 12590] New: @role=presentation for IMG should also require that @title is empty

[Bug 12708] @accesskey: Clarify what it needs in order to have effect

[Bug 12709] @accesskey: Require user agents to hide accesskeys on unfocusable elements

[Bug 12710] @accesskey: Authoring conformance - reliance on @tabindex et cetera

[Bug 12885] WF3: Provide a way for the author to specify what kind of keyboard behaviour to use for text inputs on multimodal keyboards (e.g. show the numeric keyboard, capitalise the first character by default, etc)

[Bug 13176] The bounds of canvas fallback content, as rendered on the canvas, are not provided by the user agent to an assistive technology.

[Bug 13203] Drag-and-drop model should clearly state when and whether a drag is canceled, for Mac-like and X-like drag-cancel effects

[Bug 13357] <video>: Additional AudioTrack.kind categories are needed to identify tracks where audio descriptions are premixed with main dialogue.

[Bug 13358] <video> also fire a 'change' event at VideoTrackList, AudioTrackList, and TextTrackList objects when their list of tracks changes

[Bug 13359] A way is needed to identify the type of data in a track element

[Bug 13383] Feature request: pause media when hidden

[Bug 13390] Readonly attribute on input.{color|range|checkbox|radio}

[Bug 13416] [editing] Rename or restructure the contenteditable="" section so that the relevance of designMode is also apparent in the table of contents

[Bug 13428] Remove Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images

[Bug 13461] Commentary on Issue #30 (longdesc) from the Association of American Publishers

[Bug 13514] Support different resolutions for command elements and images

[Bug 13520] Drag and Drop without a pointing device

[Bug 13539] Specify reading and navigation order

[Bug 13541] Incomplete accessibility API exposure rules for svg element

[Bug 13550] type table in 4.10.7 should indicate control type changes based on list attribute

[Bug 13551] clarify definition of "value sanitization algorithm"

[Bug 13555] Fixing keyboard shortcuts and commands

[Bug 13558] input type=email should support friendly names

[Bug 13564] Negotiating shortcut keybindings

[Bug 13565] User option to use unmodified keys as shortcuts

[Bug 13566] use of input type image to send coordinates should be phased out

[Bug 13567] definition of @alt on input type image needs a rewrite

[Bug 13570] why does input type=color support autocomplete?

[Bug 13574] Accessibility API support for dropzone

[Bug 13575] Retrieving keybindings in automation-friendly format

[Bug 13576] Extend accesskey="" to accept key names (e.g. accesskey="home")

[Bug 13579] Clarify behavior of accesskey on static content elements

[Bug 13590] VHA Comments on HTML5 Draft Specification

[Bug 13614] Do not obsolete abbr on TH and TD

[Bug 13616] Allow specifying categories/keywords for commands

[Bug 13626] Facilitate grouping of menu items

[Bug 13629] Identifying repeated and non-repeated content

[Bug 13630] Better method for user-friendly help or hints

[Bug 13635] Feedback on Various Input Types and Attributes

[Bug 13636] Missing link types

[Bug 13638] Consider referencing User Agent Guidelines in section Implicit submissions

[Bug 13641] Please provide a Glossary of Terms

[Bug 13650] 4.13.5 Footnotes Remove title as suggested method for footnotes

[Bug 13656] add examples of use of input, button, select etc. outside of form element

[Bug 13658] Allow customizing the details element

[Bug 13665] Need to define model for focus order and how to keyboard out of frame

[Bug 13666] Improve handling of footnotes and endnotes

[Bug 13667] Title attribute is overloaded

[Bug 13668] Generated content must be accessible

[Bug 13734] new input element types and accessibility

[Bug 13737] the menu element and accessibility

[Bug 14697] Harmonize roles with ARIA

[Bug 14740] title attribute definition does not match reality

[Bug 14870] autosubmit attribute for form elements

[Bug 14937] Replace poor coding example for figure with multiple images

[Bug 8722] focus behaviour should be same for canvas regions as for elements

[Bug 8738] Role-based navigation

[media] Possible missing requirement for User Requirements doc

[text] HTML-A11Y Text, TUES 29 NOV, 2011, 17:00 Z, (1PM Eastern), 60 min

Agenda: HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon on 29th November 2011, at 16:00UTC

Agenda: HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon on 8th November, at 16:00UTC

Agenda: HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon, 22nd November at 16:00UTC

Agenda: HTML-A11y Bug triage weekly telecon, on 15th November at 16:00UTC

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force on 17 November at 16:00Z for 60 minutes

agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force, 10 November at 16:00Z

agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force, 24 November at 16:00Z

Defect 13174

documenting name/description calculations in the HTML to accessibility API guide

draft of hit testing on active regions (actually paths) in canvas


Fwd: HTML-A11y - Keyword check

Fwd: HTML5: techniques for providing useful text alternatives updated

HTML-A11y - Keyword check

HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives updated 29/11/11

Important RE: agenda: HTML-A11Y Task Force, 24 November at 16:00Z

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Minutes from HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon, 22nd November at 16:00UTC

Minutes from HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon, 29th November

Minutes HTML-A11Y Text, TUES 29 NOV, 2011

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Minutes: HTML-A11y Bug triage telecon, 8th November 2011

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New accessibility bugs and comments

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