Re: longdesc verbiage

Hi Laura,

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 7:25 PM, Laura Carlson
<> wrote:
> Hi Silvia, Ben, Chaals, Rich, John, and Everyone,
> Silvia, thank you very much for thinking outside of the box and
> proposing longdesc spec text. Your text for the img section goes quite
> a bit further than talking about adding the image to the longdesc
> page. It doesn't seem that we have agreement on expanding the
> proposal's current spec text [1].  Do you think that the images should
> be removed from the rendering section? [2] We certainly can pull them
> out if they are not helpful.

They are good for making a case, but I doubt they are good in the
spec. Are you expecting spec text to be taken over word-by-word from
what this group will be proposing?


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