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11-3-06 HCLS-DSE minutes

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CDISC and Semantic Web Collaboration Discussion

CDISC/SDTM Controlled Terminologies

Clinical Standards and Semantic Web technologies

Clinical Trial Ontology

DSE minutes form Dec 1 TC

DSE TC Friday Dec 1

DSE TC Friday Dec 15

DSE Teleconference Fri, Nov 17

DSE-HCLS 11-17-06 TC Notes

EVS NCI example in RDF

Fwd: SDTM and RDF issues and ideas

Fwd: Semantic Web Group discussions with CDISC Industry Architecture Team

HCLSig Nov 30, 2006 Teleconference

Minutes for Dec 15 DSE TC

Overview NCI, CDISC, FDA

TC info for today's 9am call

Upcoming DSE TC topics

web based IRC

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