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Welcome Iulian!

Yes, just subscribe to the DSE mailing list. Our current DSE focus and activities are described at our wiki: We will be working on defining the SW-SDTM statement in the next few weeks, and we appreciate an aextra pair of hands. Pharmacovigilance is also being discussed, but we will get to that beginning 2007-- any material you think is relevant for this should be added to the DSE wiki.

Our next call is for this friday 8:30am EST... I will send out the call in info tomorrow through the DSE mailing list. 


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I'm PhD student and my current work objective is to use SW technologies in
order to enhance controlled drug safety vocabularies and make them evolve. 
I'm interested in the work of the "Task Force on Drug Safety and Efficacy".
I was wondering about its activity and ambitions for the future .most of all
in pharmacovigilance related issues.

Is there any way to get involved in this ? 


PS: sorry for eventual duble posting.
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